TenseUp! (EP)

by Barrett's Hidden Agenda

This album is in the works, this is the EP.  With half the tracks 'in the bag' for what will make a full LP, we are just to excited not to share our adventure with you.  Recording started in March of 2014, and continues today.  We've rolled takes at The Workshop Jones, IV Lab Studios, LiveLab, and SuperHero Audio.  The hardest part has been choosing which songs to attack, as the band has amassed 20+ songs for it's debut.  "TenseUp!" (EP) will make it's physical debut at The House of Blues show in Chicago, Sept. 19, 2015.  Then we will be offering mail orders for fans that want a copy.  The digital versions will be available.  Here's the opening track, and a bonus online only song.  Tell us what ya think, Enjoy!

All contents property of Barrett's Hidden Agenda (BHA LLC), All photos by Phil Stosur