Tonite!!! - and moving forward...

Man-o-man-o-friend of mine!  We've been looking forward to this evening for sometime.  Sure, Barrett's played solo at Lonie Walker's Underground Lounge a couple of times - once this past novemeber, then previous like --- 8 YEARS AGO!  But for the whole band to BRING it, now this is going to be the sh*t!  We just adore Lonie, and her joint.  It's almost like a transporter to New Orleans, it's mojo just seeps music and vibe.  If you break it down, it's nothing fancy, it's actually considered a dive-y-er/borderline seedy bar for the neighborhood. (Posh high end retail touristy River North) But it overcomes all that, drenched in a storied past, looking forward to new music, always welcoming, open to all genres, Lonie's really is a refuge for artist and musicians alike.  Then you add the kitchen - wow!  It's a listening room as much as a party room, it's as much NOLA as it is midwest.  Obviously, we're fans, and think you'll be too if you pop in.

There's been some behind the scenes rumblings and happenings that are all good and will bring more BHA in 2016, and even begins to set 2017 into motion.  An EP under our belt, we're going big this year, we're looking at merch, a full CD, vinyl, DVD, photo shoot, and get out into the midwest and play.  If you can't come to chicago, we'll do our damnest to come to you.  As aways, we encourage people to say hello and spew ideas at us!

Hope to seeya tonite!

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