That was FUN!!!

Friday Night at The Sett (UofW-Madison South Union) Devil to Drag set the stage with a killer opening set, and we took it from there.  Managing to start early, we had the chance to stretch out the jams, dig deeper into the grooves, and take tunes to places they've never been.  The debut of Steelbridge Songfest 10's "The Jesus Gonna See You Naked" broke out as a fave.  The end jam to "Reds were Blue" has always been a place for musical exploration, and true to living in the moment - the band went into new space and keyed into a melody that will surely become something on it's own.  Clearly the freedom placed within this new jam allowed for interplay between Jon and Keith as much as melodic tomfoolery 'tween Andrew and Barrett.  Cheryl's take on "Medicine" took the crowds ears to a new level... ...and her version of Jon's "Dopamine" helped establish the vibe of the show early on.

This capped off a few weeks of BHA intensity that is becoming the standard for us.  Hold on to your ears, and we'll see you June 1 at Lonies!!!

All contents property of Barrett's Hidden Agenda (BHA LLC), All photos by Phil Stosur