Crazy October!!!

After a fun summer, and monthly appearances at Lonie Walker's Underground Wonderbar... ...the band is looking inward - refocused on finishing the record and getting the best foot forward for 2017 with renewed energy!  Shopping studio time for early November to add a few more options of songs for the record, October is going to be crazy.  Barrett will be on the road with Wifee and the Huzzband for 2 weeks, and ends the month at The Holiday Music Motel's"Dark Songs."  After sitting in with Eric McFadden at Lagunita's Beer Circus, there's a chance he'll fly out to San Fran for the Beer Circus there, too.  Keith and Andrew are settling into the new semester of teaching the youth how to rock, while Jon and Cheryl 'tend to their biz-nass.'  Sarah's on the road with Charlie (aka Sugar Still) basically til the end of the year, with a week blocked out in December to contribute her parts to the BHA record.

As always, we are so thankful for your support, the attention, the ears you lend us on our journey towards music blissfulness.  You can help us by sharing our music, or simply dropping a line and saying, "Hey."  If you really want to help us you can raise the bar and support our craft here:

T. Bone Burnett just spoke inspiringly at the AMA's about how important creativity is.  Be a part of it, support it, go see live music, go to an art show, see a play.  You'll feel better and so will everyone involved.

Talk ta ya soonish, See ya on the social medias....

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