Happy New Year!!

Hope that 2017 has already brought you great things and warmth.

BHA continues to chip at the bit of making our first record - all in house.  Barrett's also been recruited to play guitar, keys, and sing in, "Stephan Cooper & Nobody Famous."  Jon's practice has been growing, and actually gives him more freedom to be composing new tunes for the next influx in the BHA songbook.  Cheryl has enjoyed NAMM on behalf of Shure microphones- be sure to follow her on the social media networks!  Keith has been an endless boon of energy and joy at School of Rock, all while reworking and tuning up the house kit for SuperHero Audio - the home studio of Barrett's Hidden Agenda.  Andrew has been filling up his time teaching the youth of Chicago's suburbs and raising his puppy into an incredible animal.  After a week or so staying with Barrett over the holidays, Sarah and her other half - Charlie, have been on the road as "Sugar Still."  Their record will drop March 1st, aptly titled "GO" - as those two have been non-stop since they started touring 2 years ago.  Be sure to check them out as they pass through your town.  www.sugarstill.com 

As the blueprint sound of BHA is being put to record, a collection of tunes from over a decade of writing, another batch is already being pushed into the band.  It brings much joy to know that the following records will not take this much time to capture, and finesse into the ultimate sonic experience for BHA fans and listeners.  

We appreciate your patience and excitement. 

Much Love,  Barrett's Hidden Agenda

All contents property of Barrett's Hidden Agenda (BHA LLC), All photos by Phil Stosur