Steelbridge Songfest 2017

Hey all!  The invitations came out - and once again, honored and humbled - Barrett has been invited back to participate in the 'Construction Zone' songwriting collaborative project at The Holiday Music Motel, in beautiful Sturgeon Bay, WI.  Over the past 4 years, Barrett has participated in most of these uber creative events, bringing back fresh songs that have gone on to join The Hidden Agenda's songbook.  Originally invited as a stranger & songwriter in February 2014, Barrett has expanded his contributions as a multi-instrumentalist, studio/mixing/live engineer, and multi-media artist.  More than anything, bonds are built that have now become family - pAt, mj, tony, and the locals; Teflon, Zach, Hoover, kelliot, ty, now Cathy, and so many more... ...each talented in their own right, deserving of your interest.  That's not even to mention the many that come from across this land to attend these fests.  I could ramble all day.

Just do yourself a favor; treat yourself and those you love to a long weekend in door county, WI.


Steelbridge Songfest

June 8-11, 2017

Sturgeon Bay, WI

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